Should I focus on writing or on selling my book?

by Support Email on Dec 03, 2023

Should I focus on writing or on selling my book?

Embarking on the journey of self-publishing is a thrilling endeavor for any aspiring author. However, as the manuscript nears completion and the publishing process looms, a dilemma surfaces that plagues many self-published authors—the struggle between dedicating time to honing their craft and allocating energy to the intricate world of book marketing and sales. In this blog post, we delve into the delicate balance that self-published authors face, torn between the love for writing and the necessity of becoming a savvy book marketer.

The Writing Journey:

For many authors, the journey begins with a story to tell, characters to breathe life into, and a passion for the written word. The act of writing is an intimate and personal experience, often driven by the desire to share a unique perspective, entertain, or inspire readers. It's a journey that demands time, dedication, and the unwavering focus of the author on their creative process.

Crafting a compelling narrative, developing well-rounded characters, and ensuring a seamless flow of prose are the primary concerns during the writing phase. This period is sacred for authors, as it allows them to explore their creativity without the constraints of external pressures.

The Publishing Paradox:

Once the manuscript is complete, the author is faced with the paradox of publishing. The creation of a book is only the beginning, and self-published authors must now navigate the intricate world of book marketing, sales, and self-promotion. This phase requires an entirely different skill set—one that involves understanding algorithms, social media promotion, book covers, and pricing strategies.

The Time Dilemma:

Authors find themselves caught in a time dilemma, torn between the desire to continue perfecting their craft and the realization that successful self-publishing demands a considerable investment of time in marketing and promotion. Striking the right balance is challenging, as too much focus on marketing may compromise the quality of the writing, while neglecting promotion could mean that a brilliant piece of work goes unnoticed in a saturated market.

Practical Strategies:

While the dilemma is real, there are practical strategies for authors to navigate this complex terrain. Time management, scheduling dedicated periods for writing and marketing, and seeking support from professionals or communities can help strike a balance. Leveraging online platforms, social media, and understanding the basics of book marketing can make a significant difference without overshadowing the creative process.

The dilemma faced by self-published authors—whether to focus on writing or selling—is a testament to the multifaceted nature of the publishing journey. Ultimately, the key lies in finding a harmonious balance that allows for both creative expression and effective book promotion. By embracing this dual responsibility, self-published authors can not only showcase their literary prowess but also ensure that their voices are heard in the vast landscape of self-publishing. The challenge is real, but so are the rewards for those who navigate it successfully.