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🙈The ugly truth🙈

So, you've been on this wild self-publishing ride, right? Bet you've had more "next big thing" pitches thrown at you than confetti at a New Year's party. 🎉 They probably told you your book could be the next Hollywood blockbuster, or that you're just one step away from signing a publishing deal bigger than your Aunt Martha's meatloaf. Sound familiar? Been there, done that.
If you're the type who's so committed to your book that you've considered mortgaging your house for a trip to Tinseltown or maxing out your credit cards for a "Bookshow" extravaganza, you're not alone. Retirement fund? Who needs it when your book's about to take over the world, right? We've heard way too many stories like this.
But hey, we get it. We know what you've been through and we know what's out there. We're not here to sprinkle fairy dust and promise you unicorns. Let's face the facts: only one in 500 self-published books becomes a bestseller. Amazon's got 30 million books, and Barnes and Noble is practically a literary metropolis. So, how in the world do you plan to make your book shine in this overpopulated literary zoo?
Fear not, brave author! You've stumbled upon us! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ We're not promising you the moon, but we've got some tricks up our sleeves to help your book sparkle in this crazy galaxy of stories and we'll have the proof and numbers to show you.

Who are we?

Enter Page88 – where book marketing meets the chill vibes of a cozy coffee shop. We're not your typical "suit and tie" agency; we're more like your book's cool automated wingman. 
We take risks, like that time we bet on a three-legged turtle in a race. Just kidding! But seriously, we invest our own time, talent, and cash to generate results for you.  We literally spend thousands on marketing to ensure that all the books we carry can find their readers and sell. We invest in the talent and expertise of the digital marketing world, managing the inventory and sales of your books. We do all the heavy lifting for you. Heck, we'll even notify you via SMS every time someone buys your book (Auto SMS notifications).

We are a results-driven book marketing agency that doesn't just promise sales but delivers them on a silver platter. We take on a significant amount of risk for the titles we carry, investing our own manpower and advertising budget—putting our money where our mouth is. This commitment is why we vet the titles we choose to work with. We employ a diverse range of marketing strategies tailored to your book's genre. Our arsenal includes Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO, Instagram Ads, Book shows, eCommerce, Affiliate Marketing, and even AI.

We are not a one-time, one-package type of company. We don't offer marketing packages or social media management packages. We operate as a comprehensive system that is results-based. When you work with us, we become your partner in selling your book, and you can expect consistent effort from our team. If we choose to bring you in as a partner, rest assured that we can successfully market and sell your books.



These are the titles that have sold more than 500 copies and counting

How it works?

We've got this super-secret, hush-hush process that's more exclusive than a VIP party on a unicorn farm. 

We're like the matchmaking gurus of book genres – finding your title its perfect match in promotion channels. Think eHarmony or Tinder, but for books.

First, you need to give us access to your books. Either ship us the copies or allow us access to print the book on demand, so you don't have to spend back-breaking effort and money shipping them to us. We'll go straight to the source.

Next, we'll set up your infrastructure: landing pages, affiliate marketing, keyword search, etc. This will allow us to properly track the results when we capture your readership. We tap into over 6400 affiliate marketing buddies – the unsung heroes of the book-selling world, including mostly independent online and offline resellers.

Hold onto your hats (or rabbits), because here comes the AI (Artificial Intelligence) twist! We optimize the efficiency of the campaigns using AI. Some of the AI software we invest in and use are, Chatfuel, Algolia, and Brand24. These AIs not only make the job easier but also automate the system we created for your book.

Don't want to bore you with these technical computer terms, but you get the picture. It's like having Sherlock Holmes find your bookworm audience, minus the pipe and deerstalker hat. We'll basically tap the help of a robots and computers to make sure the book sells. (No secret there).

Finally, we run the campaigns and let the numbers roll, baby! Of course, this requires continuous monitoring on our end and your end. We're not gonna keep you in the dark. As a matter of fact, we'll connect your cellphone to our systems so you will get notified almost real-time every time a book sells. This system is called "Proof," and we've integrated it via SMS. You will get a text every time you sell a book.

Now, here's the kicker – we're not just talk. We've spent so much money on book marketing before that we consider ourselves the Sugar Daddies of book marketing. From magazine advertising, video book trailers, book shows, Google Ads – you name it, we're its Daddy, because we've done it all before. We've literally spent thousands of dollars on different tips and tricks on how to properly sell an independent book like yours. Our bank accounts have been burnt in marketing and advertising just to sell books for our authors.So you can bet your bottom dollar we know what we're doing. We've sold those kinds of marketing before. That's why now we've learned from our mistakes and revised our system for efficiency and results.

And believe it or not, we make more money when you do. It's a win-win situation that even leprechauns would envy.

So, while most self-published authors are stuck in the eternal struggle of the "How can I sell my book?" syndrome or tossing money at some company that randomly called them out of the blue...

Our authors is out here selling their books with the grace of full automation. They're snagging free reviews, connecting with readers, building their fanbase, and making cash from their literary masterpieces.

In our not-so-humble opinion, our system is the bomb when it comes to selling and automating book sales.

See, the reason most self-published authors never hit that 100-copy mark is they're kind of lost. They end up heeding the advice of their publishing company, buying ads in magazines or signing up for marketing campaigns that usually fizzle out like a damp firework.

The book game ain't what it used to be. It's not about praying to the literary gods for a big publishing deal and hoping to find or hire that one literary agent that will take your book to the top. Nope, the game has evolved, and AI is the new sheriff in town. Facebook and Google have more data points on your ideal readers than you have on your morning coffee choices.

Your readers are out there, and guess what? Facebook and Google know who they are. Selling books isn't a money-throwing contest; it's about setting up camp in the minds of your ideal readers.

Look, your readers are chilling somewhere out there, and the real challenge is having a system that taps into the present tech, like AI, Facebook, and Google, to help you find your tribe and turn them into book-buying aficionados.

Good thing we've got that figured out

Check out what our authors say about us.

Communicate. Communicate. Communicate

Communication and Updates via our Author Pro System

Communication is key to our agency success.We maintain various communication channels with our authors, including text, email, WhatsApp, and phone conversations, especially when it comes to crediting their royalties and sales.

So, let's throw a question your way:

Imagine you knew exactly how to connect with your dream readers and persuade them to snag a copy of your book.

Guess what? That's precisely what we do day in and day out – over 20 different genres, from poetry to fiction, non-fiction to books discussing rocks. If it's got words, we've sold it.

Now, are we magicians? Well, maybe a little. Will our system magically whisk away all your book problems overnight to Lala land? Nope.

Sure, this might set off your BS detector like a thousand seagulls squawking in your brain. We get it – we'd be skeptical too.

If not for the countless authors that have hopped on board, used our systems, sold their books, and watched their lives transform. And that's not just smoke and mirrors.

By now, you're probably itching to get your hands on this game-changing selling system. So you can wake up every morning to your cellphone buzzing with notifications about books selling in places you've never even heard of, like Dinosaur, Colorado.

What we spilled here is just the tip of the iceberg. There's a boatload of work behind it. So, how about giving your book an unfair advantage? How about letting our team handle it all for you?

Every quarter, we collaborate with a limited number of new authors. Let's get real: our goal is to sell 100 copies or more within the next 16 weeks. Through our agency, we provide a comprehensive book-selling system, handling all the technical aspects, running your ads, engaging in forums, participating in book shows, managing inventory, and shipping to your readers – all for a fixed fee of $49.99 per month. Yes, there's a fee, and it primarily covers overhead and the maintenance of background systems. However, the majority of the revenue we generate will come from selling your books.

If we don't sell your books, we essentially won't make money, which is why we need to determine if we can even take on the job. And yes, we guarantee results.

Now, whether you have an ancient book or a newborn one, as long as you hold the rights, we're game.

Once we prove we can sell a few copies, we'll spill the beans on how we did it. You can take our roadmap and run with it, or if you're feeling lazy – no judgment – let us automate everything for you.

Why are we doing this? Well, it's how we get new authors and clients and how we make money. But here's the catch: we can't help everyone.

This is only for authors who own the entire rights to their books, can follow instructions, and aren't a pain to work with. It's for authors who know they've got a gem of a book and just need a marketing buddy who knows their stuff.

Now, who it's not for:

If you just want to share sales proceeds and not take part in the risk we put in for your book, this ain't your jam.

If you're expecting overnight success and dream of selling thousands of copies right away, keep dreaming.

If you're hoping to get rich quick, sorry, wrong party.

Once you're in, we're confident we can get results. But becoming a bestseller takes time, and we're here for the long haul, automating your book-selling system no matter how many books you plan to birth in the future.

So, if you think we're a match, hit us up and sign up for you first month. Let our team dive into the nitty-gritty with you, and let's see if we're a good fit. If we're not we'll refund you the first month fee and hopefully will still part as friends.

See what all the fuss is about. Decide if this is your jam or not. 📚✨


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