How easy our turn-key system works

by Support Email on Nov 23, 2023

How easy our turn-key system works


Please submit an inquiry regarding your title so that we can assess our ability to assist with your distribution. We have experience working with numerous publishers, both online and offline. However, it is important to confirm whether we have access to your book. Once we receive confirmation that we can assist with your distribution, we will collaborate closely with your publisher or printer to determine the most cost-effective printing solution for your book. 

STEP 2: Submit ISBN13

Submitting your ISBN-13 is crucial for us to assist you in selling your title. If you don't have it, we can assist you in searching for it online. The ISBN-13 enables us to identify the appropriate locations for on-demand book printing. This ensures that, once we commence distributing your book, we will consistently have access to it.


We provide a $4-$6 premium for a base batch of books that you purchase, and we handle the sales for you. Additionally, for print batches exceeding 500 copies, we occasionally offer batch discounts based on the materials used in the book's production. From this point forward, when we sell a copy to an affiliate or retailer, we commit not to undercut the premium you have established. This guarantees that you will receive the premium amount you specified for every copy we sell



Once we have confirmed the ISBN-13 ad set a distribution price, we will formalize our partnership through a distribution agreement. With the agreement in place, we can immediately begin selling your title.

Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to accept ePub or ebook-only formats. Our business model as a third-party seller doesn't provide a sufficient margin for ebook sales for our company to be profitable. Currently, we are also limited to working with only a few select self-publishing companies. Please let us know who your publisher is by sending us an email to and we will check if we can accommodate your needs.

We offer a full refund on the setup fee if we are unable to work with you.

We remain committed to exploring options for expanding our services in the future.